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Proud to be at the forefront of Mobile gaming triggers & Mobile gaming accessories. Deadshot Gaming is the worlds leading mobile gaming device company. We pride ourselves on the crafting of high quality products. Designed for practical functionality. And built to endure the hardest rounds of mobile gaming. Continually researching the mobile gaming world. Therefore, ensuring we are always providing the most complete products for modern needs. Furthermore, we ensure that cross platform connectivity is never an issue. Deadshot gaming is the brand you can trust in.

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Compatible with all games & Devices

Any game that has an adjustable interface layout. E.g where you can adjust the position of the fire button etc. Will work with our gaming triggers.

Games such as COD Mobile, PUBG, Fortnite Mobile & many other first person shooter style games. All have adjustable interfaces. 

Deadshot Gaming controllers, joysticks & buttons are compatible with any mobile game.

We build our products to ensure they work with any device, brand and model.

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Made for Mobile Gaming

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Mobile Gaming Triggers & Accessories that will take your gaming to the next level

Experience the most comfortable tablet trigger ever made! It feels like holding a gun! Increase your game play to a new level.

Take Your Gaming To The Next Level with the Deadshot M

Unleash your wrath upon those who defy you on the battle field. Deadshot M & Deadshot M gaming triggers are the ultimate mobile gaming triggers. Not only are they cool to use. But they can improve your accuracy, Help you control recoil, and turn that single shooting/semi automatic rifle to fully automatic with up to 16 shots per second!

Up your Mobile gaming experience with the Deadshot T Mobile Triggers

Destroy the competition with the Original Deadshot T Mobile Gaming triggers. Known for being the best gaming triggers for COD. And other first person shooters. The Deadshot T will assist you in launching havoc on your competition like never before. Become king of the battle field and up your gaming levels in an instant. The Deadshot T is built for both Mobile phones & Tablets.


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Deadshot M Doubles
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2 Triggers 



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Deadshot Ultra Gaming Triggers
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2  Sets of Triggers + 2 Pairs of Sleeves

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