Deadshot Triggers Causing PUBG Bans?

Deadshot Triggers Causing PUBG Bans?

Mobile gaming has been rising year after year, and many are shifting from console and PC gaming to playing their favorite games using their smart phones. Playerunknown's Battleground (PUBG) has been around for a very long time on PC, and today there are over 50 million gamers world wide.

Mobile triggers were first invented back in 2008 and since then newer models are created and updated year after year to ensure the gamer gets the best experience. Deadshot triggers are the latest to arrive to the market in 2020. The newest release is Deadshot M which features a strong cooling fan with multiple colors to cool your smart phone while you play for hours and hours and climb up the ranks.

Deadshot M works by sending pulses on your screen through the charged electronic shooting trigger. This mimics taping on the screen and it's very responsive and convenient. But what's so special? Well the shooting trigger has a turbo boost mode which can shoot up to 16 shots per click. This means you can switch your rifle to single shooting and use the turbo boost mode to turn it to fully automatic. Yes you can turn your pistols, shotguns, M16A, Mini 14 and any rifle to fully automatic.

What about the bans? Well we could say that this gives the player an advantage when you can shoot a semi automatic rifle to full automatic. But if you really think about it, it actually does not make the player invincible. You still need to be good at the game because if you encounter a good player with a fully automatic M4, then it will all fall down to your skills.

Does These Triggers Cause Bans?

The quick answer is no. But why is that? Simply it does not interfere with the game interface. Its basically tapping quickly on your screen; however not too quick to make it unrealistic. Its fast enough but not too fast if it makes any sense.

Finally if you enjoy claw/4 fingers gaming with your phone, then keep doing what you do best. but if you prefer mobile triggers or mobile gamepads, then give Deadshot M a go and let us know what you think.


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