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DeadShot T Mobile Gaming Trigger

Deadshot Gaming's original mobile gaming trigger. The Deadshot T is one of the best mobile gaming triggers ever built. Perfect for even the most demanding of players. This robust mobile gaming trigger carved out its name. As the best  mobile gaming trigger for COD & other first person shooters. Be it PUBG or Call of duty or any other shooter with customisable interface positions. You can be sure that the DeadShot T will not let you down. Out kill your competition and get that big prize. Boost your shots per second and turn that gun in to a fully automatic. Control the recoil and increase your accuracy. All you need is the Deadshot T gaming trigger. Install it in seconds & instantly boost your mobile gaming skills.

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Ultimate Mobile Trigger For Call Of Duty & PUBG Mobile

Perfect four-finger operation. In the game, the two triggers on the top of the handle are responsible for aiming and shooting. You can quickly open the aiming magnifier and then shoot the enemy while moving and aiming. Experience the real game feel with the integrated handle controller! You will definitely feel more comfortable while playing the game.

Newest Game Turbo Shooting Button

Portable burst shooting button can be stored and convenient to carry! The left button has a burst switch, and the right button is a physical button. The amazing turbo feature can turn the MINI 14, SKS, M16 into an automatic firing rifle! Using pulse conduction technology, the turbo boost trigger is able to fire up to 16 rounds a second with one click.

Highly Sensitive Shooting Buttons

The Deadshot T mobile trigger is different from other ordinary triggers. The shooting trigger uses a competitive mouse-level micro switch. The buttons are made of alloy metal and the shooting trigger has a smooth click and a faster response!

Mechanical Black Shaft Technology

Smooth feel, high sensitivity for pressing! After experimental testing, up to 1.3 million compression life! Most importantly, intense pressing will not lock the screen. The interior uses a groove design to avoid physical keys and avoid the keys from touching the lock screen or volume keys during the game which does not affect your gaming experience.

Disruptive Innovation and Portable Design

Detachable design for effective storage! Not easy to lose and easy to carry! Small size, big function! This latest mobile game trigger uses a four-speed design, a first-speed normal shooting, a second-speed acceleration design, a third-speed fast shooting, and a fourth-speed rapid shooting! The faster the back light blinks, the higher the gear!

Upgrade of Stable Tensile Structure

After a lot of research, the new tensile structure design is closely fitted to the mobile phone after clamping, and no fierce gun battle will not slide sideways. It is more important to solve the problem that the ordinary tensile structure will squeeze the keys of the mobile phone. This mobile gaming trigger supports phones under 7.2 inches, with a maximum stretch of 90mm and a maximum thickness of 12mm.

Approved for PUBG Mobile

Deadshot T is approved for PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty & other first person shooters. And it will not cause any bans. Deadshot T is simply a Plug and Play trigger. It does not require Bluetooth connection or any external mapping applications. 


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  • 1 x Black Deadshot T

  • 1 x Red Deadshot T

  • 1 x Deadshot finger Sleeves